29 Apr 2016

Insight vs. Hindsight

I saw the comparison between Insight vs. Hindsight recently in an article I read about efficiency. I immediately thought about what I do every day – integrate sensors on existing well sites. These sensors collect real-time data which is sent to the cloud and delivered to computers and mobile devices. It’s amazing what we can […]

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29 Jan 2016

Roustabouting and Retrofitting

Roustabouting: Retrofitting old tanks to become efficient requires special effort. When you come across a tank that has been in the field on a long-producing oil well, things can get a little rough when opening tank top access ports.  For example, in October, we had a crew installing a new liquid level instrument on an […]

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17 Jan 2016

Installation Cost Killers

How to solve the high cost of retrofitting oil tanks? Everyone wants more efficient tanks, and everyone knows that liquid level instrumentation will improve efficiency.  But retrofitting old tanks makes owners hesitate, in spite of the benefits instrumentation gives. One of the biggest challenges oil tank owners face when looking at a retrofit of their […]

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10 Dec 2015

Operator Error

While managing a crude oil logistics company, I was amazed at the inefficiencies inherent to the manual process of oil production and logistics. Human error is manifested when a production company wants to know oil tank levels and has to call a pumper (or even a truck driver) to gauge the water and oil levels […]

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12 Nov 2015

Waxy Crude: Getting the Float Right

If you have been in the Utah Uinta Basin oil fields, you know one common challenge: paraffin or as it is known around there: “waxy” crude.  This isn’t the sweet stuff from the Bakkan up in North Dakota or from the fields in East Texas, this stuff will turn into a candle of wax if […]

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